"Do you think I will make the team?" Joey asked his dad. Joey and his father were on their way to Little League tryouts at the city park. Joey had loved baseball for as long as he could remember. A few weeks ago, he had learned that tryouts would be coming up. He had asked his father to work with him on his throwing and batting skills.

Joey's dad was happy to help. He had been a baseball player in high school and college. He thoroughly enjoyed the game, and coaching his son was great fun. They had mapped out a plan to help Joey improve his skills during the weeks leading up to the tryouts. Each day when Dad got home from work, they would go to the backyard and play catch. Sometimes, Dad took Joey to the batting cages at the park and pitched balls to him.

At last the tryout day had arrived. Today, Joey was a little nervous. Would all his practice pay off? He really wanted to play on a team. He would love to be able to play third base.

Joey's father could tell that Joey was nervous. He wanted to encourage him. He chose his words carefully.

"Joey," he started.

Joey looked up from the passenger side of the car. "Yes, Dad?"

"I am very proud of the hard work you have done to prepare to play baseball. All the skills you have polished are essential to the game. There is one other skill I need to tell you about."

"What's that?" Joey asked.

"It's more of an attitude, actually. It's called sportsmanship."

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