Using a Calendar

What is the date today? I have an appointment on the 17th; what day of the week is that? Does this month have 30 days or 31 days? How many days are there until payday? These questions can be answered using a handy tool called a calendar.

Calendars come in many shapes and sizes. Some have pictures of kittens or flower gardens. Some have cartoon characters, and some have no pictures at all. But they all have basically the same information. They tell us the months, the days, and the year. Calendars tell you when there's a holiday. Some even show the phases of the moon!

Calendars have been around since ancient times. Civilizations developed them as a way to mark time. They corresponded to natural rhythms, such as the phases of the moon or the seasons. People used them to help plan events, such as planting, harvesting, and celebrations.

Today we use calendars for many things. We still use them to plan celebrations, such as holidays, birthdays, and vacations. Some people use them to make schedules to manage their time. Deadlines for projects can be posted on a calendar. People keep track of important appointments on their calendars. But did you ever think of a calendar as a tool to help you manage your money?

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