Valentine's Day Potpourri

Many people think of Valentine's Day as a time to show love to others. It is a great day to express love to the one "special someone" in your life. However, it is also a time to show kindness to other people. This includes teachers, coworkers, family members, and even classmates.

Perhaps you'll sit on a "love seat" on Valentine's Day. A love seat looks either like a short couch or wide chair. At first, the love seat made room for women and their large, fluffy dresses. Now, it works more as a cozy place for two people to sit or cuddle. In the past, some love seats were made to connect but face each other. That made it easier to talk.

You probably know about the practice of giving valentine cards. However, you may not know about other traditions. For example, in the Middle Ages, men and women would draw names to find out who their valentine would be! Then, they would wear the name on their sleeve. That is where the idea of "wearing your heart on your sleeve" came from.

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