Veggies for Breakfast?

"An entire day of eating just vegetables?" I cried. "You have got to be kidding!"

What was my aunt up to now? Every time I went to stay with her, she did something different. Unusual. Weird. Aunt Mary was a great person but sometimes just a little too creative for my liking.

Every June, I visited Aunt Mary for a week while my parents visited my older step-brother and step-sister in another state. We visited them during my spring break this year, but because my step-sister was having a baby, mom and dad went to help again in June. I guess it was easier on everyone if I went to Aunt Mary's, and I admit it is always interesting there.

Yesterday, Aunt Mary told me that tomorrow would be "Fresh Vegetable Day," and that we would celebrate by only eating vegetables the entire day.

"Even for breakfast?!" I asked.

"Even for breakfast," she said with a grin.

I climbed into my big bed in the guest bedroom that evening with mixed emotions. Most of Aunt Mary's ideas did turn out well, even if they did seem a little weird at first. So, I went to sleep wondering what she would do...

The next morning, I got up looking forward to the usual eggs, bacon, and biscuit breakfast Aunt Mary would serve me. (I usually just ate cereal at home.) However, the smell from the kitchen was not of bacon.

"Oh, rats, that's right," I thought. "Today's that veggies all day thing."

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