Waffles for Breakfast

National Waffle Month

Reading Comprehension for September 3

Jennifer bounded down the stairs, her brown curly hair bouncing as she jumped from step to step. She flew into the kitchen. "Do I smell waffles?" she exclaimed, lifting her nose into the air and sniffing deeply.

"You do," said Mom. "I thought it would be a nice surprise."

Jennifer sat down at the counter in the kitchen and smacked her lips. "It sure is!" she said as she gazed over at the steaming waffle iron. "When will they be ready?"

"In a couple of minutes this one should be done."

"Great! I'll get the butter and maple syrup." Jennifer jumped off her chair. "Mmmm! I can hardly wait," said Jennifer as she went to the refrigerator. She opened the door and pulled out the butter and syrup. Then she grabbed a carton of milk. Jennifer closed the refrigerator door with a thud and poured herself a glass of milk. Carefully she carried everything back to the counter, set it all down, and climbed back up in her seat.

As she sipped her milk, Jennifer grabbed the waffle mix box and gazed at the back of it.

"Hey, look," she said. "Here's a history of waffles right here on the box. Did you know Thomas Jefferson brought the first waffle maker to America?"

"No, I didn't," said Mom. "What else does it say?"

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