Wedding Cake

Stacy, a 14-year-old girl with big hazel eyes and an upbeat personality, could hardly wait until Saturday. Her aunt Sally was getting married to Steve Jameson. Stacy was going to be maid of honor. She and her aunt were very close. For months, Stacy had helped her aunt plan the ceremony and reception. Stacy dreamed of the day - in the distant future - that would be her own wedding day. Fortunately, her aunt had similar tastes. This made the planning process even more fun.

Stacy thought back to a few months ago when they had gone to pick out the wedding cake and the groom's cake. Early on that Saturday morning, Aunt Sally had dropped by to pick up Stacy.

"Where are we going today?" Stacy had asked.

"Today you are going to help me pick out the wedding cakes."

Stacy smiled. That sounded like fun! They rode about 30 minutes to the next town. On the way, Aunt Sally explained that a niece of a coworker had opened a bakery. Since the wedding was going to be near the bakery, Sally hoped to give the girl some business.

"I wish Steve could help with this," Sally said wistfully.

Steve, Sally's fiance, was serving in the military. He would not be home until a week before the wedding. He trusted Sally and Stacy to take care of details such as this.

They arrived in a small town, slowing down as they drove down Main Street.

"Help me look for Sweet Delights Bakery," Sally told Stacy.

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