Wedding Hats

The big wedding day was coming up in six months. It was time to have the final fitting of the bridesmaids' dresses and any accessories that would be worn with them. Cheryl and Margaret were on their way to Bridal Boutique for the fitting and to select headwear.

"Hi, Cheryl," Margaret said as she slipped into Cheryl's car.

"Hi there. I hope your week has gone well." Margaret and Cheryl attended different local colleges, so they didn't see each other as much as they had when they were at the same high school.

"Pretty well. Are you getting excited about the wedding?"

"Yes. I'm so happy for Jacqueline."

The girls chatted for several minutes as they made their way to the store. Once they got there, an attendant welcomed them and brought out their bridesmaids dresses. After changing into them in the fitting room, the girls began to look over the available hats.

"What do you think of this hat?" Margaret said, picking out a floppy pink one to complement her dress.

Cheryl looked at Margaret's choice. "It's too big for my liking," she said, "but it does look like something out of a movie about the Old South."

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