Welcome to Inuit, Part 2

The Crowfoot family walked into the building. The wide windows let in plenty of light. Nathan and the others stared at the wide variety of goods stacked neatly on the shelves and hanging from the ceiling. Mom reached out to touch one of the bolts of fabric on a shelf. Nathan was about to tell her it was just a hologram until it was obvious it was a real fabric. His eyes opened wide. That was amazing. He'd never been in an actual store that held real stock.

Dad smiled. "I told you that coming here would be an eye-opening experience." He lightly punched his oldest son's arm.

Joe Crowfoot looked at Burt Flying Eagle. "Where do we get our horses so we can reach our land?"

Burt said, "I can give you a ride there with my wagon. I will tell you, though, that things have changed since you received your immigration information. Because so many people were having trouble adjusting to doing new things, the planetary council now requires everyone to take survival classes."

"That sounds reasonable," Joe agreed.

"Oh, no, not school," whined Eddie Crowfoot. "I thought I was done with school."

"Only a fool refuses to learn what is necessary to survive," said the merchant pointedly. "Since you do not yet know what you will need, learn everything you can."

Eddie quieted as he thought that through. Nathan was glad he'd kept his mouth shut. He looked over at his sisters. They looked like they were thinking the same thing.

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