What Are Emotions?

When Abby got to school, there was a stranger in her classroom. The stranger was tall and had long hair in a ponytail. He was wearing glasses. Abby decided he looked funny. She went to her desk and sat down.

Abby's teacher, Mrs. Ricco, told the children to put their science books away. She told them they were going to have a special lesson.

Abby wasn't sure she wanted a special lesson. The stranger must be part of the lesson, she decided. Maybe he was going to tell them about outer space. Maybe he came from outer space! Sometimes Abby was grumpy in the mornings.

"This is Mr. Lockman," Mrs. Ricco said. "He is a counselor. He is here to talk to us about emotions."

"What's an e-motion? I know! It goes a-motion, b-motion, c-motion, d-motion, and e-motion!" Ernie grinned. Ernie always liked to joke around. He thought he was very funny.

All the children laughed. They thought Ernie was funny, too.

Mr. Lockman laughed. "That's a good idea," he said, "but it isn't exactly right. An emotion is a feeling."

"Does that mean something like feeling sick at your stomach?" Michele asked.

"No, it's more like feeling so excited or nervous that you get sick at your stomach," Mr. Lockman said.

"I feel sick at my stomach when we have a spelling test," Keith said. "I don't make very good grades on spelling tests."

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