What Can a Horse Tail Tell You?

Horses are big, beautiful animals. They are fun to watch and fun to ride. Have you ever wondered what a horse is thinking? While they can't talk, they can communicate. They communicate with their handlers and with other horses by making noise. Horses neigh to find other horses. A neigh is a horse's way of saying, "Hi, everybody! I'm over here. Where are you?" They also nicker. A nicker is softer and lower than a neigh. It is a greeting. It's a horse's version of a friendly hello. Horses will nicker when they see their handlers. They will also nicker to other horses.

Horses also communicate using body language. You can often tell how a horse is feeling by watching its tail. When a horse's tail is high, he is happy. A high tail is his way of saying, "I'm excited and I have a lot of energy today!" A horse that has a droopy tail, on the other hand, is probably unhappy or tired. When a horse swishes its tail from side to side, watch out! He is either angry or trying to get .....

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