What Is Special Education?

Special Education Day

Reading Comprehension for December 2

Mario was dreaming. He dreamed about his snowman. It was very hot in his dream. The snowman was melting.

"Help me!" the snowman said. "Please help me, Mario. If you can learn to spell ten new words, I won't melt."

Mario kept trying to learn the words. He worked and worked. He wrote them over and over. He still did not learn them.

The snowman was getting smaller and smaller.

"Try harder, Mario. Please try harder," the snowman said.

Mario tried to learn the words again. He wrote each word five times. He still did not learn all of them.

The snowman was very small now. It looked like three snowballs. The hat almost covered the snowballs.

"You are just not trying, Mario," the snowman said. "If you tried harder, you could learn them."

Mario was crying. He tried again. He wrote the words ten times each. He still did not learn them. It was no use. He looked at his snowman.

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