What on Earth?

Katie is six years old. She is a helper. She helps with everything. She helps her mother set the table and wash the dishes. She helps her father wash the car. She helps her sister put her clothes away. She helps her brother stack the firewood.

Yesterday was different, though. Yesterday Katie got off the bus. She ran right to her room. She made some cardboard houses. She cut out some cardboard people. She made a little town of cardboard houses and people on her bed.

Katie got an old window fan from her closet. She got a metal ruler from her desk. Katie started yelling. Then she started hitting her lamp with the spoon. At last she turned on the fan and flipped the blanket high in the air. Cardboard people and houses flew everywhere!

Downstairs, Katie's mother heard lots of loud, strange noises. She ran upstairs to see what was happening. Katie's father, brother, and sister were right behind her. What on earth was going on in Katie's room?

Katie's mother pushed the door open. She could not believe what she saw! "Katie, what on earth is going on in here?" she asked.

"We just had a tornado," Katie said.

"I can believe that," her father said. "It surely looks like one."

"There was not really a tornado in your room, Katie. Tornadoes do not start in bedrooms," her brother said.

"That is true," her sister said. "But what did happen, Katie?"

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