What's Gravity Got To Do With It?

When you woke up this morning did you fly up to the ceiling? Of course not! When you woke up this morning you put both feet on the floor and stood up. Then, you walked out of your room. Why didn't you fly up to the sky? You stayed on the ground thanks to gravity. Gravity is defined as "the force by which all objects in the universe are attracted to each other." This means that gravity pulls things towards the center of the Earth. Gravity keeps our feet on the floor because it is pulling us toward Earth's core. Gravity is the invisible force that keeps all things, cars and kids included, from flying up into outer space!

All of the planets in the solar system have gravity. The larger the planet, the more gravity it has. This means that large planets like Jupiter have a lot of gravity. Pretend that you weigh 85 pounds on Earth. On Jupiter you would weigh over 200 pounds! This is because Jupiter has more gravity than Earth. On the other hand, smaller planets have less gravity. On Mercury, your 85 pound body would only weigh 32 pounds. This is because Mercury has less gravity then Earth.

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