What's Under the Ocean Waves?

When you look out over the ocean, what do you see? You might think the ocean is vast and empty. The ocean is very big. You might think that nothing is there but water. But the oceans are not empty at all! Under the surface, the water is teeming with life!

Sunlight helps plants grow there. Animals live there, too. Giant blue whales live in the ocean. Tiny little animals called krill live there, too. Big and small animals live in all the oceans of the world. The oceans have food for many animals. People get food from the oceans, too. People eat many kinds of fish. They eat lobster and shrimp. They eat oysters and clams. People eat plants from the ocean like kelp and seaweed. Coral reefs are found in warm clear shallow waters. Coral reefs are home to many different living things. Reefs have been compared to rainforests on land for this reason. Even in the deepest, darkest, and coldest parts of the ocean, many different living things make their homes.

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