What's the Coolest Color?

What do you think is the coolest color? Do you like purple? Maybe blue is your favorite color. But the coolest color of all is white - literally! If you are outside under the hot sun, wearing white might truly make you cooler. Read on to learn why.

Our light comes from the sun. Light comes to Earth in waves. The waves travel in straight lines until they hit something. Then they can bend. They can be absorbed by the object they hit. They can bounce off the object they hit. We say they are reflected. When we stand in front of a mirror, light reflects off the mirror to our eyes. That's why we can see ourselves.

Light is reflected off an object and comes into our eyes. Then we see the object. Objects look a certain color to us because of the light they reflect. We see the color that is reflected from the object. A green pepper absorbs all colors of light except green. Green is reflected back to our eyes. So green peppers look green. A red apple looks red because it absorbs all colors of light except red. Red is reflected back to our eyes, so we see a red apple.

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