Why Learn a Foreign Language

International Language Week

Reading Comprehension for December 20

"What are you doing your report on?" Jennifer asked Maria as they walked to the neighborhood library. Their English teacher had assigned them a research project to begin over the Christmas holiday.

"I have no idea!" said Maria. "What about you?"

"I don't know either," said Jennifer.

The girls walked along pensively trying to come up with an idea for their reports. When they arrived at the library, they walked up the granite steps and through the large wooden doors. As they entered the foyer, they stopped and gazed around at the beautifully colored flags hanging from the ceiling of the library.

"Wow," said Jennifer. "Look at them all!"

"It's beautiful," said Maria. "Look, there's the Mexican flag." The red, white, and green banner hung just above them.

Jennifer turned to Maria. "I wonder why the library is decorated like this."

"I don't know," said Maria. "Let's go ask the librarian."

The girls walked to the information desk and waited for the librarian, who was on the phone. After she hung up, she looked up at the girls. "Hello. Can I help you?"

"We were just wondering why all the flags are decorating the library," said Maria.

"It's International Language Week," said the librarian. "We decided this would be a good way to promote awareness of the different languages in the world. We want to encourage people to learn a different language."

"I know Spanish," said Maria. "We speak it at home."

"Where are you from?" asked the librarian.

"We're from Mexico. We moved here about ten years ago."

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