Why Me?, Part 2

Tom shoved his hands in his pockets and stomped off down the street. Why should he have such a lousy family? After all, he had done his part. He had graduated, hadn't he? Isn't that what his mother wanted? Why should he have to be responsible for his tuition? It was his mother's responsibility, wasn't it?

Tom was fuming! It just wasn't right. He knew what he would do. He would call Scott. They would figure it out together. He reached into his pocket for his cell phone and dialed Scott's number.

"You have reached the operator," the voice answered. "Please deposit $10,000.00 for the next three minutes."

"Scott, stop clowning around," Tom said. "This is no time for being stupid. We have a situation."

"Life is beautiful," Scott replied. "Everything is wonderful; everything is beautiful!"

"Get serious, will you?" Tom said.

"Serious. Hmmm . . . Let's see, now. What's serious? It sounds pretty bad to me," Scott continued. "Can you die from it?"

"Scott!" Tom yelled into the phone. "Cut it out! Quit being such a child! I want to talk to you."

"Talk to me, huh? You must be desperate, then. Okay, okay. I'll quit. So what's up?" Scott settled down for a moment.

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