Why Me?, Part 3

As Tom walked slowly back to his house, he thought about his talk with Scott. Why did Scott have to make a joke about everything? This was serious. Unless he could change her mind, his mother would have him working during his summer vacation. Scott just didn't get it. Why did he always act like such a baby, anyway?

Still thinking, Tom stopped at the Burger Barn to get a burger and some fries. He was distracted from his thoughts by the family in front of him in line.

"No," the father said. "You cannot have $20.00 to spend at the music store."

"But, why, Dad?" the preteen boy asked. "I just want to get some new music. All the stuff I have now is old!"

"I told you that you could earn the $20.00 you wanted by mowing the grass this afternoon, but you didn't do it," the father said.

"Yeah, yeah," the boy said. "I know that, but I was busy. I had important stuff to do."

"And what did you have to do?" the father asked.

The boy looked at Tom and rolled his eyes. "Parents are so stupid," he said, in Tom's direction. He looked back at the father and said, "I had to call my friend, duh!"

"What a little jerk!" Tom thought to himself. "Would you look at that? Now he has embarrassed his mother. I think she is crying."

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