Write a Quinzaine

Have you ever heard of a quinzaine? It's a type of poem. Believe me, writing a quinzaine is easier than spelling its name. A quinzaine is composed of just 15 syllables. The French word for 15 is quinze. The Spanish word is quince. If you've studied French or Spanish, this information may help you remember the number of syllables that belong in a quinzaine.

A quinzaine contains no rhyming words and no meter requirements. Within 15 syllables, a quinzaine makes a statement and asks a question. The poet doesn't need to know the answer to the question.

The 15 syllables of a quinzaine are broken down into three lines. Here is the pattern:

Line 1: 7 syllables - make a statement

Line 2: 5 syllables - start a question about the subject

Line 3: 3 syllables - finish the question

Here are three examples of quinzaine poetry. You can count the syllables and see how the pattern works. You'll soon be writing your own quinzaines.

I have fifteen syllables.

Is it hard to write

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