Yellow Friends

The yellow piece of candy sighed. Would he ever feel like he belonged with the others? It seemed that the red pieces and green pieces always laughed and played together in the bag that held them all. The brown pieces stayed off by themselves, but they did not seem to mind that. The blue pieces acted like leaders. Only the yellow pieces seemed to struggle with how they fit in with the rest of the candies.

They were actually pieces of chocolate. The colors were determined randomly when a candy shell was poured over small discs of chocolate in the factory. Some colors were more popular than others were, so the factory machines were programmed to cover more pieces in the favored colors. Yellow was found to be the least favorite, so for every three red candies, only one yellow was created.

Mr. Yellow sighed again. Why couldn't he have been a red candy or a blue one? He would have loved to be a leader in the candy bag.

A green piece of candy, aptly named Mr. Green, scooted over toward Mr. Yellow.

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