Yuna Kim

Many people like to watch figure skating. They think it is a glamorous sport. The costumes are beautiful. The music is exciting. The skaters are graceful. They are athletic, too. They do amazing spins, jumps, and twirls on the ice. One of the best figure skaters in the world right now is Yuna Kim.

Yuna Kim was born September 5, 1990, in South Korea. She is sometimes listed as "Kim Yu-Na." Kim is her family name. Yuna is her given name. Some of her fans wave banners calling her "Queen on Ice." No matter what you call her, she is famous in the world of figure skating. She was ranked as the number one figure skater in the world in January 2010. At the 2010 Olympics, she won the gold and set a new world record.

Yuna began skating at age seven. Her older sister was a skater. Yuna wanted to try skating, too. Her first coach saw her talent. He said she would become a world-class skater in the future. He was right!

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