A Visit to the Diner

National Wait Staff Day

Reading Comprehension for May 21

Kim sat and stared out the window in the living room. Gramma was coming to take her and her brother, Glen, out for dinner. They loved going to the diner where Gramma worked. When she saw her Gramma pull into the driveway, she jumped up off her seat with excitement. "Gramma's here!" she called loudly.

Gramma honked the car horn. "BEEP! BEEP!"

"I'm ready!" Glen called back from the kitchen. "Mom, Gramma's here. We're leaving."

Glen ran into the living room and grabbed a light jacket from the closet. Mom came in behind him and walked over to the front door. Opening it, she waved to her mother in the car, and then she turned to Kim. "You need a jacket, too. It's a little chilly this evening."

"O.K., Mom," she said, grabbing her jacket from the closet near the front door.

As she pulled on her jacket, Glen rushed out the door waving goodbye to Mom. "I call front seat," he yelled as he ran to the car.

"He's just too fast for me," said Kim, shaking her head. "Bye, Mom. We'll see you after dinner."

Mom kissed Kim on the cheek. "Have a good time."

Kim waved as she ran to the car. "I'm sure we will!"

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