Children's Day in Japan and South Korea

Children's Day in Japan and South Korea

Reading Comprehension for May 5

Imagine a holiday just for you! More than a birthday, this would be something people throughout your country would celebrate. People would party, decorate their homes, and sing songs - all for you! Wouldn't that be fun?

In Japan, there's a holiday that's somewhat close to that. It's a day just for children, when children are remembered, celebrated, and treated to lots of fun parties, games, and performances. This day is called Children's Day, and it is celebrated on May 5. It is remembered every year with specific traditions that are very old.

Children's Day in Japan originally started as Boys' Day. Girls had their own day on March 3. Today, both holidays have been blended into one on May 5. It is a day when good wishes are given to children of all ages.

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