Dancing Like a Chicken

Dance like a Chicken Day

Reading Comprehension for May 14

Raymond and Rachel liked dance class. Well, most of the time they liked it. Now they were not so sure. Mrs. Lasker had just shown them a program about Native American dances. Many times Native Americans had based their dances on how animals moved. Now Mrs. Lasker wanted them to do the same thing.

"Since you do not get to see how wild animals move, watch how your pets do things," she said. "Make up a dance based on them."

When Mom came to pick them up after class, she asked how it went.

"It was fun part of the time," said Raymond, "but Mrs. Lasker wants us to make up our own dance, too."

"We're supposed to make our dance be like an animal," said Rachel, shaking her head.

"That sounds like fun," said Mom.

"I guess," said Raymond.

"But cats and dogs don't dance," said Rachel. "We don't have any other pets."

"How about the chickens?" asked Mom. "They do some pretty funny things. Why not watch some of the things they do?"

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