When it comes to making toe-tapping music, few can beat the Irish. Among the Irish performers, few have established a following as great as that of Enya.

Enya's Irish name is Eithne Patricia Ni Bhraonain. It is Anglicized and spelled phonetically as Enya Brennan. The future musical star was born into a very musical family on May 17, 1961.

As a child, Enya learned music literally at her parents' knees. Her father was the leader of a popular Irish band, and her mother was an amateur musician. Enya, along with her four brothers and four sisters, learned to sing and play instruments. She began performing on stage at the age of three.

She studied piano and classical music at school. When she was 18, Enya joined her family's band, Clannad. She played the keyboard and also added background vocals.

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