Horse Day in Turkmenistan

Horse Day in Turkmenistan

Reading Comprehension for April 24

You know that there are many different holidays around the world. Different countries may have similar holidays, like Independence Day, New Year's Eve, and Christmas. Also, every country has its own national holidays that are very different from all others. Can you imagine a holiday that honors a horse? It is a national holiday in Turkmenistan.

Why would people in Turkmenistan honor horses? Maybe because horses are very important there! In fact, they are a very special part of Turkmen life and culture. There is even a Turkmen saying: When you get up in the morning, first greet your father and go see your horse!

People started to use horses as domestic animals thousands of years ago. Can you think of something that horses can be used for? When there were no cars or trains, horses were the main means of transportation for people and goods. They can carry and pull very heavy weights. People used horse skin to make cloth, shoes, and tents. Their hair is used to make musical instruments. Horse milk was and still is used as food. It is very clear why horses are so important for people, isn't it?

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