Johnny Unitas

On February 4, 2007, the Indianapolis Colts won the Super Bowl. The Colts did not always call Indianapolis their home. Before 1984, the team was named the Baltimore Colts. Baltimore is a city in Maryland. Not everyone was glad that the team moved. One person who was not glad was a former player.

John Constantine Unitas was born on May 7, 1933. He was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His father died when he was five years old. His mother had to work hard. She had two jobs.

Johnny played football in high school. He wanted to go to college. He did not have enough money. A few schools offered him scholarships. A scholarship is money that is given to a student. The money may be earned for good grades. It may be earned by someone who is good at sports. Johnny went to the University of Louisville.

In college, Johnny's team did not win many games. Johnny was a quarterback. His college coach made some changes. Johnny ended up playing every position. He was captain of the team.

After college, Johnny wanted to play professional football. For about two years, he was a construction worker. He played for a team on the weekends. They were not a professional team. He earned $6.00 a game. Then, in 1956 he joined the Baltimore Colts.

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