She Can't Sing!

Tracy giggled and whispered to her friend Ellen. "Stephanie can't carry a tune at all, can she?"

"I know it," Ellen agreed. "I don't know why they allowed her in chorus."

Mrs. Brown, the director, stepped to the platform. "Let's begin rehearsal," she said. "We'll start with our warm-up scales."

Stephanie stood behind and to the right of Tracy and Ellen. She loved hearing them sing. They seemed to stay on key so easily. Stephanie sang with all her heart. She loved to sing, but she could never reach the skill level of those two. It would be so nice to sing that well!

Tracy cringed. There Stephanie went again, singing so loud and out of tune. How could Mrs. Brown not hear this? She poked Ellen who poked her back.

They continued rehearsal for the next 30 minutes, practicing for their end of the school year spring concert. Afterward, Stephanie came up to Tracy and Ellen.

"You two are great singers," she said sweetly.

"Thanks," Ellen said sheepishly.

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