Talking Around the World

Yesterday was a special day for Katie. She was going to visit her grandfather. She always liked going to her grandfather's house. He lived a long way from town. It was a beautiful ride through the mountains to get there.

Katie's grandfather lived in a wonderful old house. It looked a lot like the gingerbread house in one of Katie's books. It was filled with interesting books and strange old objects. There were old pictures of people in Katie's family on the walls.

There was one room in the house that Katie had never seen. Her grandfather kept it locked all the time. He told Katie one day that the room was very special. It had things in it that would break easily. When Katie stood by the door, she could hear strange noises coming from the room. She had no idea what was in the room.

Now it was time! Grandpa was going to show Katie the special room! She was so excited that she could hardly sit still in the car. The ride seemed like it was taking forever.

Finally, they arrived at her grandfather's house. Her mother and grandfather talked for a little while. Then her mother left.

"Well, Katie, what would you like to do first?" her grandfather asked with a twinkle in his eyes.

"Oh, Grandpa, you know what I want to do first!" she said. "I want to see the secret room."

Grandpa took Katie's hand. They walked up the stairs to the special room. Grandpa unlocked the door. He pushed it open. The room was filled with strange boxes. There were lots of wires and lights. In the middle of all the boxes was a counter. There was a big microphone on it. Everything looked very strange to Katie.

Grandpa and Katie sat down near the microphone. He flipped some switches and twisted some knobs. Then Katie heard more noises and some beeps. Grandpa said some letters and numbers into the microphone. All of a sudden, Katie heard a voice say, "Hello, George. Is your granddaughter with you?"

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