Tap, Tap, Dance, Dance

Melody watched in fascination as her friend Gina performed in a dance recital. Gina loved to dance. She had been taking lessons since she was about three years old. Now, she was a freshman in high school. Melody became friends with Gina in fifth grade. Throughout their friendship, dance had always been a common theme. Melody enjoyed dancing and occasionally took a class. Gina was much more dedicated. She practiced at least one hour every day, usually more. She often performed at recitals and even entered competitions.

This was the first time that Gina would do a tap dance. Up until now, she had concentrated on jazz and ballet. At the beginning of last season, her teacher suggested she try tap dancing. "It will add to your skills," she had said. She knew that Gina wanted to dance in musical productions and perhaps work on Broadway some day.

Gina had reluctantly agreed. Although tap wasn't her favorite form of dancing, she knew many musicals made use of it. So she worked hard and put in extra hours for several months. Melody knew how nervous her friend was. She was nervous for her!

The music began, and Gina came on stage. At first, Melody could tell her friend was nervous. The very first few steps seemed slower than the music. But then Gina seemed to connect with the song. From that point, she danced with energy and accuracy.

The longer Gina danced, the more she seemed to relax. Her smile grew wider. The audience was fascinated. Melody really got into the rhythm with her. She silently cheered on her friend through the whole number.

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