The "Hammer"

The "Hammer"

Reading Comprehension for April 8

Name a famous baseball player. Some people might say Babe Ruth. Some people might say Mark McGuire. Others may say Sammy Sosa. What about the Hammer?

Henry Louis Aaron was born on February 5, 1934. He was born in Alabama. Hank Aaron played baseball in high school. He played in the outfield. He played third base. Hank changed schools. He went to a private school. He was there for his last two years of high school.

Hank was a good baseball player. He started playing for a semi-professional team. He played shortstop. He played third base. During a game, a scout saw him play. A scout is a person who looks for talented players for a team. Ed Scott was a scout. He was looking for a new baseball player. He saw Hank. Hank started playing for his team. The team was called the Mobile Black Bears. Hank Aaron was given $3.00 a game. His mom would not let him travel to other cities. He was only allowed to play at the home games.

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