Will Steger, Polar Adventurer

Have you ever spent the day snow sledding? How about dog sledding? Will Steger is a writer, lecturer, educator and photographer. But most importantly he is a polar explorer. He has traveled thousands of miles at both the North and South Poles. Most of his polar expeditions used dogsleds for transportation.

Will Steger was born in Richfield, Minnesota, in 1943. He loved the wilderness from the time he was a child. By the time he was out of high school, he knew he wanted to build a home and live in the wilderness. In 1960 he traveled the Mississippi River by motorboat from Minneapolis to New Orleans. At the age of nineteen, Will found a narrow, untouched lake surrounded by high cliffs while on a canoe ride. He instantly knew this was where he wanted to live. He later purchased the land and built a cabin there all by himself. He calls his home "The Homestead."

Will Steger learned about the wilderness from experience. He traveled over 10,000 miles by kayak in many of the northern rivers. He has led two dogsled expeditions through Canada's Northwest Territories and Alaska.

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