Special Education

Special Education
Reading Comprehensions

Pets Theme Unit
     Taking Care of a Pet (hi/lo)
     The Litter Box (hi/lo)
     Grooming Cats (hi/lo)
     Is My Cat Sick? (hi/lo)
     Taking a Dog to the Vet (hi/lo)
     What Should I Feed My Dog? (hi/lo)
     Dog Training Tips (hi/lo)
     Lost Pet (hi/lo)
     Cold Weather Care (hi/lo)
     Pet Care in the Summer (hi/lo)
     Moving With a Pet (hi/lo)
     Pet Care in a Disaster (hi/lo)
     Death of a Pet (hi/lo)
     Exotic Pets (hi/lo)
     Dangerous Products for Dogs (hi/lo)
     Picking the Right Pet (hi/lo)
     Cats and Dogs (hi/lo)
     Gentle Giants (hi/lo)
     Pets Theme Unit theme unit page

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Theme Unit
     The Dreams of Heroes (part 1) (hi/lo)
     The Dreams of Heroes (part 2) (hi/lo)
     The Dreams of Heroes (part 3) (hi/lo)
     Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Theme Unit theme unit page

Community Helpers
     Carpentry (hi/lo)
     Food Preparation (hi/lo)
     Police Officer (hi/lo)
     Bus Driver (hi/lo)
     Merchant Mariner (hi/lo)
     Sports-Related Careers (hi/lo)
     Would You Like to Be a Nurse? (hi/lo)
     Animal Care Workers (hi/lo)
     Announcer (hi/lo)
     Behind the Camera (hi/lo)
     Court Reporter (hi/lo)
     Dancers (hi/lo)
     Dental Hygienist (hi/lo)
     Drafters (hi/lo)
     Emergency Medical Technician (hi/lo)
     Farmers and Ranchers (hi/lo)
     Florist (hi/lo)
     Licensed Practical Nurses (hi/lo)
     Locomotive Engineer (hi/lo)
     Photographer (hi/lo)
     Singers (hi/lo)
     Truck Driver (hi/lo)
     Community Helpers theme unit page

     Roberto Clemente (hi/lo)
     Sammy Sosa (hi/lo)
     Yankee Numbers (hi/lo)
     The Babe of Baseball (hi/lo)
     The "Hammer" (hi/lo)
     Batter Up! (hi/lo)
     Ramon = Nomar (hi/lo)
     Take Me Out to the Ball Game, Part 1 (hi/lo)
     Take Me Out to the Ball Game, Part 2 (hi/lo)
     Take Me Out to the Ball Game, Part 3 (hi/lo)
     Baseball Hall of Fame (hi/lo)
     "Larry Bird Ball" (hi/lo)
     Richard Petty, The King of Nascar (hi/lo)
     Start Your Engine (hi/lo)
     It's the Pits! (hi/lo)
     "Livestrong" (hi/lo)
     A Blur on the Ice (hi/lo)
     Girl Power! (hi/lo)
     Doctor on the Court (hi/lo)
     Goooaaal! (hi/lo)
     Born to Play Football (hi/lo)
     Sweetness (hi/lo)
     Sports theme unit page

     The World's Greatest Pie (hi/lo)
     Pizza theme unit page

Mother's Day
     Yeah for Moms! (hi/lo)
     Mother's Day theme unit page

Mystery May
     Weird as Blackbeard, Part 1 (hi/lo)
     Weird as Blackbeard, Part 2 (hi/lo)
     Weird as Blackbeard, Part 3 (hi/lo)
     Now You See Them, Now You Don't - The Lost Colony, Part 1 (hi/lo)
     Now You See Them, Now You Don't - The Lost Colony, Part 2 (hi/lo)
     Now You See Them, Now You Don't - The Lost Colony, Part 3 (hi/lo)
     Pirate Cave Ghost, Part 1 (hi/lo)
     Pirate Cave Ghost, Part 2 (hi/lo)
     Pirate Cave Ghost, Part 3 (hi/lo)
     Pirate Cave Ghost, Part 4 (hi/lo)
     Mystery May theme unit page

Flag Day
     Treatment of the United States Flag (hi/lo)
     Flag Day theme unit page

Back to School
     Like the Sun and Moon, Part 1 (hi/lo)
     Like the Sun and Moon, Part 2 (hi/lo)
     Back to School theme unit page

     Crandall Farm Hay Rides, Part 1 (hi/lo)
     Crandall Farm Hay Rides, Part 2 (hi/lo)
     Autumn theme unit page

     The Story of Scrooge (hi/lo)
     Hardscrabble Christmas I (hi/lo)
     Hardscrabble Christmas II (hi/lo)
     Hardscrabble Christmas III (hi/lo)
     Christmas theme unit page

     Does Anybody Know What Time It Is? (hi/lo)
     Where in the World Are You? (hi/lo)
     Mapping the Earth's Surface (hi/lo)
     New England (hi/lo)
     The South (hi/lo)
     The Midwest (hi/lo)
     The Northwest (hi/lo)
     Geography theme unit page

Mixed Hi/Lo Special Education Reading Comprehensions
     Three Day Event: The Gift Horse (hi/lo)
     Labor Day Kindness (hi/lo)
     Going Shopping (hi/lo)
     The Storm (hi/lo)
     Locking the House (hi/lo)
     Crossing the Street (hi/lo)
     Kitchen Safety (hi/lo)
     Phil Uses the Phone Book (hi/lo)
     Jackson's Voice Lessons (hi/lo)
     Jenny Joins the Swim Team (hi/lo)
     A Flag for Everyone (hi/lo)
     A Most Memorable Memorial Day (hi/lo)
     Little Loon Learns a Lesson (hi/lo)
     The Panther and the Python (hi/lo)
     Fireplace Safety (hi/lo)
     Ladder Safety (hi/lo)
     Pool Safety (hi/lo)
     Tool Safety (hi/lo)
     Be Prepared for Winter (hi/lo)
     Water and Sun Safety (hi/lo)
     Dangers of Decorating Your Body (hi/lo)
     Basic First Aid (hi/lo)
     Make Your Own First Aid Kit (hi/lo)
     It's Not about Me - A Story of Hurricane Katrina, Part 1 (hi/lo)
     It's Not about Me - A Story of Hurricane Katrina, Part 2 (hi/lo)
     It's Not about Me - A Story of Hurricane Katrina, Part 3 (hi/lo)
     Price of a Dare, Part 1 (hi/lo)
     Price of a Dare, Part 2 (hi/lo)
     Price of a Dare, Part 3 (hi/lo)
     Dred Scott v. Sanford (hi/lo)
     How to Help Someone Who is Bleeding (hi/lo)
     Help Stop the Spread of AIDS (hi/lo)
     Marcus and Narcissa Whitman (hi/lo)
     Filling a Prescription (hi/lo)
     Antietam (hi/lo)
     Battle of Antietam (hi/lo)
     African Americans in the Civil War (hi/lo)
     Emancipation Proclamation (hi/lo)
     Coupons (hi/lo)
     Aftermath of the Civil War (hi/lo)
     Saving Money on Groceries (hi/lo)
     Election of 1864 (hi/lo)
     Avoiding Alcohol (hi/lo)
     How to Deal With a Bully (hi/lo)
     Listen Up! (hi/lo)
     Make an Emergency Aid (hi/lo)
     Put Your Best Foot Forward (hi/lo)
     Emergency? Call 911! (hi/lo)
     A Doctor By Any Other Name (hi/lo)
     All About X (hi/lo)
     Dressing for the Weather (hi/lo)
     Safety in the Lab (hi/lo)
     Fighting Drug Resistant Bacteria (hi/lo)
     Protect Yourself from the Food Bugs (hi/lo)
     What You Need to Know About Sexual Harassment (hi/lo)
     Electricity Safety (hi/lo)
     Receipts (hi/lo)
     Perishables (hi/lo)
     Grocery Lists (hi/lo)
     Warehouse Stores (hi/lo)
     Life During the Cenozoic Era (hi/lo)
     Writing Numbers in Words (hi/lo)
     What Is Health Insurance? (hi/lo)
     Understanding Grocery Fliers (hi/lo)
     Buying in Bulk (hi/lo)
     Checking Out (hi/lo)
     Checking Out (hi/lo)
     How Often Should I Shop? (hi/lo)
     Understanding Prices (hi/lo)
     Magazines and Cards (hi/lo)
     The Deli (hi/lo)
     Cleaning Supplies (hi/lo)
     Frozen Meals (hi/lo)
     Sizes (hi/lo)
     Baked Goods (hi/lo)
     Personal Goods (hi/lo)
     I Can't Find What I Want (hi/lo)
     Fruits and Vegetables (hi/lo)
     Effects of Reconstruction (hi/lo)
     Banking Benefits (hi/lo)
     Shopping for a Bank (hi/lo)
     Opening a Checking Account (hi/lo)
     A New Bedroom (hi/lo)
     Buying Baby Toys (hi/lo)
     Writing a Check (hi/lo)
     Budget Blues (hi/lo)
     Endorsing a Check (hi/lo)
     Filling Out a Deposit Slip (hi/lo)
     Keeping Track of Your Checking Account (hi/lo)
     Oops, I Bounced (hi/lo)
     Paying Your Electric Bill (hi/lo)
     Paying Your Gas Bill (hi/lo)
     Paying Your Phone Bill (hi/lo)
     Using a Calendar (hi/lo)
     Changing Your Order (hi/lo)
     Eating Healthy When Eating Out (hi/lo)
     Using a Restaurant Menu (hi/lo)
     Restaurant Seating (hi/lo)
     Paying Your Bills on Time (hi/lo)
     Paying Your Cable Bill (hi/lo)
     Appropriate Behavior When Eating Out (hi/lo)
     Restaurant Tipping (hi/lo)
     Restaurant Complaints (hi/lo)
     Gift Cards (hi/lo)
     Ann Is Auditory, Part 1 (hi/lo)
     Ann Is Auditory, Part 2 (hi/lo)
     Kim Is Kinesthetic, Part 1 (hi/lo)
     Kim Is Kinesthetic, Part 2 (hi/lo)
     What's Your (Learning) Style? (hi/lo)
     Val is Visual, Part 1 (hi/lo)
     Val Is Visual, Part 2 (hi/lo)
     Paying Bills Online (hi/lo)
     Opening a Savings Account (hi/lo)
     Counting Money (hi/lo)
     Keep Your Money Safe (hi/lo)
     Making Change with Coins (hi/lo)
     Myths About Studying (hi/lo)
     Before You Leave for Home (hi/lo)
     Before You Leave for School (hi/lo)
     What Is a Citizen? (hi/lo)
     What Makes You a Good Citizen? (hi/lo)
     Why Am I Reading This? (hi/lo)
     Your Study Environment (hi/lo)
     Who Cares About School? (hi/lo)
     Using Your Debit or ATM Card (hi/lo)
     Pay Yourself First (hi/lo)
     Making Decisions about Money (hi/lo)
     Loaning Your Money (hi/lo)
     Interest You Earn (hi/lo)
     Interest You Pay (hi/lo)
     Be Realistic About School (hi/lo)
     Passive Versus Active Learning (hi/lo)
     Qualities of a Good Student (hi/lo)
     Scheduling Study Time (hi/lo)
     Studying "Sense-ably" (hi/lo)
     Applying for Credit (hi/lo)
     Balancing Your Checkbook (hi/lo)
     Brain Power (hi/lo)
     Budget Buzzwords (hi/lo)
     Keeping a Monthly Assignment Calendar (hi/lo)
     Investing Your Money (hi/lo)
     Understanding Your Bank Statement (hi/lo)
     Organizing Your Binder (hi/lo)
     Making a To-Do List (hi/lo)
     Keeping Your Goals in Sight (hi/lo)
     Shopping for School Supplies (hi/lo)
     What Is Credit? (hi/lo)
     What Motivates You? (hi/lo)
     Matter Is... (hi/lo)
     What Is Matter Made Of? (hi/lo)
     Three States (hi/lo)
     I Hate My Life!, Part 1 (hi/lo)
     I Hate My Life!, Part 3 (hi/lo)
     I Hate My Life!, Part 2 (hi/lo)
     I Hate My Life!, Part 4 (hi/lo)
     Why Me?, Part 1 (hi/lo)
     Why Me?, Part 3 (hi/lo)
     Why Me?, Part 4 (hi/lo)
     How Matter Changes (hi/lo)
     Lisa Plans a Party (hi/lo)
     Pam Plans a Picnic (hi/lo)
     Making a Reservation (hi/lo)
     Using Different Reading Rates (hi/lo)
     Why Me?, Part 2 (hi/lo)
     Skimming and Scanning (hi/lo)
     Signal Words (hi/lo)
     Filling Out and Using Your Assignment Sheet (hi/lo)
     Finding the Main Idea (hi/lo)
     Getting to Know Your Textbook (hi/lo)
     Taming Your Locker (hi/lo)
     Should I Just Swipe My Credit Card? (hi/lo)
     Avoiding Credit Card Fraud (hi/lo)
     Let's Go to the Movies (hi/lo)
     Why Are We Fighting in Iraq? (hi/lo)
     Improving Your Reading Rate (hi/lo)
     Making and Using a Bookmark Study Sheet (hi/lo)
     Strategies for Effective Reading - After You Read (hi/lo)
     Strategies for Effective Reading- Before You Read (hi/lo)
     Strategies for Effective Reading- While You Read (hi/lo)
     Understanding Pictures and Graphics (hi/lo)
     Responding to Literature (hi/lo)
     Jean Learns About National Symbols and Holidays (hi/lo)
     Jean Learns About Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens (hi/lo)
     Jean Studies for his Citizenship Test, Part 3 (hi/lo)
     Jean Studies U.S. History, Part 2 (hi/lo)
     Jean Studies U.S. History, Part 1 (hi/lo)

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