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K-6 Teacher Giveaways and FREEBIES - Thanking Teachers with a Teacher Giveaway to Remember

Thank you Teachers Giveaway - Loving Teachers in February 2021

Lots of chances to win.

[This February 2021 Giveaway has ended.]

Teachers are special - thank you for working with parents, doing everything you can to educate in a challenging environment, and building a future generation. You are creative, over-worked, and will do anything for your kids.

K-6 Teacher Giveaways and FREEBIES

Grand Prizes

Five Lucky Winners - $599 Gift Certificate

Five lucky teachers will receive a $599 gift certificate to Amazon.com.

200 Lucky Winners Receive

Each winning teacher will receive a huge box filled with school supplies shipped directly from a school supply company, and the other teachers at your school will get full access to edHelper with a complimentary school license for your school (your principal will be notified).

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Teacher Freebies February Math Challenge Workbooks

Preschool Math Workbook FREEBIE

Kindergarten Math Workbook FREEBIE

First Grade Math Workbook FREEBIE

Second Grade Math Workbook FREEBIE

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Fourth Grade Math Workbook FREEBIE

Fifth Grade Math Workbook FREEBIE

Sixth Grade Math Workbook FREEBIE

Middle School Math Workbook FREEBIE

Who's Ready for a Restock? Enter edHelper.com's first teacher giveaway for free school supplies!

Teacher School Supplies

If you could wave a magic wand and suddenly have your students engaged in fun, purposeful math practice online and a chance to win a huge box of free school supplies, would you grab that wand? EdHelper.com is hosting a teacher giveaway, and all you need to do to enter is invite your students to have fun while practicing math online.

It's probably safe to assume that after "Friday," "Free" is a teacher's favorite word that starts with the letter F. With the multitude of great resources floating around on the internet, it can be hard to find one that is free, fun, and functional for the varied needs of your students. But, what if there was a free online or app-based math game that could help your students develop crucial math skills and track their progress at the same time? What if using those free math games could also help you win free school supplies? Wouldn't that be fantastic? Good news: there is!

Immersive Learning Experience to Practice Math and Spelling

Immersive Learning Experience to Practice Math and Spelling

Let's Play School by edHelper is an online or app-based math game center. When used as part of your edHelper subscription online or downloaded as an app, it is a tool that provides students with engaging math practice. Students can access the games independently, or teachers can create classes and track student progress along the way. Because we know students are currently spending countless hours using technology, Let's Play School has been designed for quick engagement. Most sessions are completed in under ten minutes and focus on varied grade-level appropriate content. This helps ensure that additional screen time is spent strengthening skills.

Online math games, like Let's Play School, have many benefits. When used consistently, they help students do the following:

How to Enter

[This February 2021 Giveaway has ended.]

EdHelper Subscribers - You are automatically entered each time a student logs in and practices math.
Analytics to see student results or to get instructions on how kids can play online

or Enter on edHelper's Facebook page

You can also comment on our Facebook post thanking teachers. Write in your comment why teachers are the best.

Two hundred teachers will be randomly chosen based on the student logins from January 15th through February 28th (to edHelper's math games on-line or on the apps). If you are an edHelper subscriber, learn about setting up your class and getting kids practicing.

Or on edHelper's Facebook page, you can also comment on our giveaway post and tell us why you enjoy being a teacher. All teachers located in the United States are eligible.

PDF Printables To Track and Encourage Practice

Play Math and Record Scores Printable

Printable #1 Option - Play Math and Record Scores

Printable #2 Option - Just Day Played and Points Daily Score Keeper

Printable #3 Option - Score Keeper Printable with In a Row

Increase confidence and computational skills

Students who lack confidence with basic computation are less likely to participate in class, take risks, and give their best effort. However, when students are given a chance to play an online game, even for just a few minutes a day, their confidence grows by leaps and bounds.

Learn math as a language


Math is a second language for most students. It uses words they are not familiar with and symbols representing directions they may find confusing. Playing simple math games will help students solidify theunderstanding of math symbols and faster comprehend what is being asked of them.

Enjoy math

Let's be honest; it can be very difficult to find the motivation to try and do something we don't enjoy. When students don't enjoy math, they are reluctant to try and learn it. While not all learning can be deemed "fun," any time we as educators have the opportunity to make the experience more enjoyable, we should! Allow this app to help your students practice and play. When students see math as fun, they will be more willing to learn new skills.

This resource will have your students engaged in purposeful math practice, and it may just provide you with a mid-year restock of your most needed school supplies! edHelper is hosting its first giveaway, and we want you to be a winner! Winning is as easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1: Log in to edHelper.com, register your class, and receive a class code.

Step 2: Invite your students to play! They will use the access code provided. This will allow you to track their progress and practice time. Each time a student logs in to practice, you will be entered into the drawing! A variety of printable record sheets are available so students can track their use, score, and points earned. Use these to encourage practice and participation.

Step 3: Wait for the winners to be announced! EdHelper will generate entries based on student use between now and February 28th. Two hundred winners will be announced, and each will receive a huge box of free school supplies!

Don't let your students know quite yet, but while they're busy having fun on the Let's Play School site or app, they'll also be busy learning! While they're busy learning, you might just be busy winning!

EdHelper.com wants to celebrate you, teachers! Your hard work, dedication, and perseverance through these challenging times have been unmatched. Here's to helping your students strengthen crucial math skills with purposeful practice and helping you restock your classroom supply cabinet. Good luck!

Teacher Contest Details

The contest closes at 11:59 p.m. EST on Sunday, February 28, 2021.

Teachers must teach in the United States or a U.S. Territory to win the school supplies package.