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10 Math Worksheets That Work for Teachers (Free Printables)

10 Math Worksheets That Work

Worksheets are powerful tools for encouraging your students to develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills. When used correctly, math worksheets are effective in encouraging students to flex their thinking muscles during class, and they can also help direct learning outside of the classroom.

Just like newer, high-tech teaching tools, worksheets are an excellent way to enrich your lessons. Their downfall used to be that they required a significant amount of time for teachers to create. Most teachers don't have that kind of time to spare, so here are some free, high-quality worksheets you can print out today and use in the classroom.

Keep reading for ten useful collections of math worksheets-the kind that works! They offer grade-appropriate math exercises for grades 1 through 6 and will provide brain-building work for a variety of learners in your classroom. The best part is that these don't require a ton of extra work for teachers! They're free, printable, and ready to use.

Before starting on the top 10 most downloaded teacher worksheets, try these free worksheets for kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, or for middle school.

1. Counting Worksheets

Counting to 100 Math Worksheets

Counting Worksheets - Free PDF Download

Can your students count to 100? Use these worksheets to teach number recognition and counting-one of the first steps to mastering math later in life.

These worksheets get your students thinking about questions like "How many spots is 6 away from 10?" or "How many flowers are inside each of these shapes?" They'll also practice rounding to the nearest tenth of a number. Over time, your students will be rounding numbers with ease! Filling in the missing number in a 3-number sequence will become more engaging thanks to the illustrations featuring beach balls and butterflies.

2. Amazing Math Challenges

Amazing Math Challenges

Amazing Math Challenges - Free PDF Download

This Amazing Math Challenges worksheet collection is designed for students in the 2nd to 6th grades and contains a variety of exercises that kids will love to complete! The two primary math challenge exercises challenge students to find two equations hidden in each box, write them, and find missing numbers (when the sum of the four surrounding numbers is in the center of each square).

Your students will be asked to fill in equations and write their own. Kids want math to be fun and challenging! Gifted children may have problem-solving and critical-thinking abilities that transcend their grade level. These are not monotonous factual math skill practice books; they encourage creative thinking and tackle life skills. Students need to show their thinking and will truly triumph when they discover the solutions for themselves.

3. Math Facts

Math Facts

Math Facts - Free PDF Download

This free bundle of Math Facts worksheets contains printables for grades 2-6. They provide addition and subtraction reviews with timed practice that work! Find two-digit addition problems for 2nd-grade students and three-digit addition problems for 3rd graders. For 4th and 5th grade students, the addition problems contain even more digits, and there are puzzles, games, and worksheets for every grade from 1st all the way through 6th.

Students will enjoy the fidget-spinner based addition practice worksheets. And kids of all ages will be challenged to think creatively to solve the word problems presented on these worksheets. These no-prep worksheets are an incredible resource for teachers and students alike! Click here for more Math Facts worksheets.

4. Place Value

Place Value

Place Value - Free PDF Download

Students begin learning the concept of "place value" as early as kindergarten. It's an important concept that continues to be taught throughout the middle grades as children learn about larger numbers. The term "place value" refers to the value of a particular digit based on its position in a number. For example, a three-digit number has three "places" that each have a specific value. Using the number 123, you can see that the 1 is in the hundreds place, 2 is in the tens place, and 3 is in the ones place.

Place value is a fundamental concept that students must fully grasp to learn math. These free printable worksheets for teachers are the perfect resource to help teach place value to grades 1 through 6. Check out these free place value worksheets for elementary and middle school, and then check out edHelper's full library of place value math worksheets for teachers.

5. Easy Patterns

Easy Patterns

Easy Patterns - Free PDF Download

Patterns have power. The ability to recognize and create patterns in math is an important skill. When we understand patterns, we can make predictions about the future and better understand the world around us. For students, understanding patterns prepares them to learn complex number concepts and mathematical operations. Ability to spot a pattern in a series of numbers helps students see the relationship between the numbers.

This collection of easy pattern worksheets and more difficult ones below will help your students get started by recognizing patterns, and then reveal their thinking when they're asked to explain the rule behind the pattern.

You'll find worksheets tailored to every elementary and middle-school grade. Students will be entertained while they're working on these patterns because the worksheets are actually fun to do! One exercise in this pattern worksheet collection invites students to draw the missing emoji and explain the rule. What kid doesn't love emojis?

And More Difficult Patterns

And More Difficult Patterns

And More Difficult Patterns - Free PDF Download

More Difficult Patterns - Free PDF Download

Mathematics is sometimes called the science of patterns. The more practice your students get in discovering and discussing patterns in mathematics, the better. Math only makes sense because the inherent patterns provide a way to generalize our understanding from one situation to another, and children who expect math to make sense look for these patterns.

To help your students become confident, persistent, and flexible problem solvers, make sure they have experience finding and using patterns in math. This collection of more difficult patterns worksheets builds on the previous collection of easy patterns, so you've got plenty of brain-building math practice for your students, no matter their level.

6. Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking - Free PDF Download

The ability to think critically is a skill that students need to develop over time. These worksheets will help you empower them to do that. Critical thinking involves deeply understanding information, well beyond the surface level. It's important that students learn to analyze, think effectively, and become confident operating in a world of complexity.

Critical thinking skills impact every area of a student's education experience. Some students may get the right answers to math problems, but if they lack critical thinking skills, they don't truly understand how and why the solution was reached.

The good news is that critical thinking is fun to teach! It can be accomplished through games and puzzles, like the ones you'll find in these critical thinking worksheets. Teaching these skills as early as possible will help ensure that your students begin to naturally think this way across all subjects they encounter.

7. Math Puzzles

Math Puzzle Worksheets - Free PDF Downloads

Math Puzzle Worksheets - Free PDF Download

Giving students math puzzles is a great way to help students achieve a basic mastery of essential math concepts. They can also help your students retain those concepts longer. The puzzles in these worksheets provide an opportunity to practice a wide variety of math skills.

These worksheets are an effective tool for keeping students from getting bored because they provide a range of problems in varying levels of difficulty. For advanced students, you can offer harder problems to keep them engaged. If some of your students need extra practice, you can start with easier puzzles so they don't get frustrated and quit.

Puzzles challenge students to apply logical-thinking skills to problems and can inspire students to tackle problems that they previously might have seen as too difficult. Math puzzles are one of the best ways to engage students with what they're learning, strengthen their capacity for abstract and critical thinking, and help them retain mathematical understanding.

8. Multiplication


Multiplication - Free PDF Download

2nd Grade Multiplication Worksheets Free PDF Workbook
3rd Grade Multiplication Worksheets Free PDF Workbook
4th Grade Multiplication Worksheets Free PDF Workbook
5th Grade Multiplication Worksheets Free PDF Workbook

Multiply your students' mastery in multiplication with systematic practice using these innovative worksheets! Learning multiplication facts will be both educational and entertaining with these review workbooks, facts books, and math centers.

Try out these multiplication worksheets in your classroom and set students up for future mathematical success. Early exposure to a skill such as multiplication makes it easier to learn advanced math concepts. The more confident the students are, the more easily they'll adapt to challenges.

9. Word Problems

Word Problems

Word Problems - Free PDF Download

Word problems are used at all levels of education, for good reasons. They help students connect math skills to the context of everyday life through understanding practical applications. Math word problems also help students develop the critical thinking skills they will need in high school and beyond.

The word problems in these worksheets are designed for students in grades 1 to 6. Although students often struggle with word problems, most kids love stories and puzzles. Word problems offer a story-based format for thinking through math problems and applying math concepts to real-life scenarios.

10. Fractions


Fractions - Free PDF Download

In math, fractions represent parts of a whole. When you break something into parts, the fraction tells you how many of those parts you have to work with. This is an important concept for students to understand, but it can be confusing initially. Because students often struggle to understand fractions, practice is particularly important. Lack of practice is one of the primary challenges students face when they have trouble learning fractions, according to WeAreTeachers.com. However, as they get more time to practice, they build confidence.

These fractions worksheets provide helpful visual aids so that students can see for themselves that 12/12 = 2/2 and everything in between. In the exercises included in these worksheets, they will practice judging which fraction is bigger, for example, one-third or one-eighth. The visual aids provide a useful way to connect fractions to something they can see and understand. The worksheets are tailored to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th-grade students, and are ready to print and use today!

11. Money Problems

Money Problems

Money Problems - Free PDF Download

Money matters! Help your students make sense of dollars and cents with these exercises. They will practice making change and counting bills and coins to add up to a specified dollar amount. Handling money is an important real-life skill that your students will regularly use in the future. Knowing how to count, make change, and handle different denominations will set them up for success in the real world.

If kids learn how to add up money now, they'll experience fewer "money problems" in the future! (Or at least, we hope they will.) These worksheets engage your students with real-world scenarios, giving them an opportunity to put their money math skills to work in a tangible way. The worksheets use dollar signs ($), which can apply to U.S. dollars, Canadian dollars, or even Mexican pesos! Counting money and making change are practical applications, and these worksheets are easy exercises for teachers and parents to download and print.

Help your students learn the basics of handling currency with these free, printable PDF worksheets. The exercises are designed for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th graders, so you have options for both advanced learners and students who need extra practice.

Bonus Idea: Spelling Ideas

Spelling Ideas

Spelling Ideas - Free PDF Download

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