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Make Daily Math Practice Easier and More Fun With Math Problem of the Day Books

Make Daily Math Practice Easier and More Fun With Math Problem of the Day Books

Math is one of the most important subjects in school, not only for math skills but also because it teaches kids other skills like critical thinking, dealing with failure, having creativity, and much more.

Giving kids more math practice helps them develop those skills, but determining how to squeeze more math practice into the school day can be a challenge.

That's where our Math Problem of the Day books come in!

Math Problem of the Day Books for Your Classroom

Our Math Problem of the Day books are specifically designed with each grade level in mind. They contain multiple problems that students can work through independently or in pairs, or they can be tackled together as a class. The problems are presented in different ways to stretch your students' thinking skills, with plenty of space for them to work out their answers.

Math Problem of the Day

Sample Problem of the Day - (3rd grade class)
Sample Problem of the Day - (4th grade class)
Sample Problem of the Day - (5th grade class)
Sample Problem of the Day - (6th grade class)

If you are an edHelper subscriber, you can print a new math problem of the day along with answers.

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They Are Fun (and Challenging) for Students

One of the best reasons to use edHelper's Math Problem of the Day books is because they are fun!

Instead of using a traditional question/answer format, workbooks are formatted for students to help robots answer math questions. Students take on the role of an expert and try to determine whether each robot's reasoning is sound. Then, they should explain how the robot should do things differently to get the right answer.

This format is a new, fresh way for students to think through math problems. It makes math more interesting while challenging them to think in new and different ways. They think more critically about whether an answer is right or wrong instead of just trying to come up with the right answer, and because workbooks are designed by grade level, they contain appropriate problems that stretch students' thinking just enough to help them learn and grow.

They Are an Easy Way to Incorporate More Math into Your Daily Routine

Regular math work can be time-consuming. With new strategies to learn and different ways of practicing new skills, teaching and setting up math activities can take a lot of time and research. You can save some time by building a routine around daily math practice.

With Math Problem of the Day books, you can provide students with a problem to solve as a warmup before math, a cool-down activity after a lesson, or any other time during the day when you have 15 minutes to kill.

Create a routine around Math Problem of the Day questions. For example, students might be expected to work independently first. Then, you could discuss the answers in a small group or let students work in pairs. Set a timer so students know exactly how much time they have.

As working on Math Problem of the Day questions becomes part of your routine, it will become second nature, thus enabling your students to spend more time cultivating critical thinking skills and giving them more chances to boost their self-confidence.

They Come With Answer Pages for Teachers

Math worksheets without answers can be frustrating. You can definitely find the answers, but this takes time-something most teachers don't have a lot of.

The Math Problem of the Day workbooks from edHelper come with answer sheets that can be printed separately. That saves you from spending time finding the answers yourself. You're more likely to print them and try them in your classroom instead of placing them in your to-do pile.

You aren't alone if you get the wrong answer to even the simplest problem just because you're rushing through your answer key. Having the answers already also means you can ensure the answers are correct-no double-checking necessary.

They Require Very Little Prep

All questions in the workbooks are fully prepared, with fun pictures, intriguing follow-up questions, and designated boxes where students can show their work. All you have to do is print the file and make copies.

Because they require so little prep, they are great early finisher activities. They can be used as homework, and they're great to have in case you need a substitute. They're easy to distribute, and because you can download the answer key, subs can even review the answers with your students.

Start Using Math Problem of the Day Books in Your Classroom Today

EdHelper workbooks can easily integrate more math into the school day. Whether you build routines around the Math Problem of the Day, you use them as homework, or they become an easy resource for substitute teachers, you'll notice your students thinking in new ways when they start completing edHelper Math Problem of the Day books!