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Weekly Math Workbooks - Give out one NO PREP homework packet each week or two - Includes online math game practice.

Weekly Math Workbooks

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Hybrid Math Proven to Reinforce Classroom Learning - What homework are you giving your students?

Most kids don't like math homework. Trudging through one or two worksheet pages every single night can be boring and frustrating, which essentially makes the math homework ineffective. If your students aren't engaged, they aren't going to learn. When over half of children feel overwhelmed by math class, it's more important than ever to help your kids feel engaged and excited about arithmetic!

Although some schools are getting rid of math homework altogether to help children feel less overwhelmed, we don't think that's the right option. The type of homework that's assigned matters. You really can give math homework that students actually like doing, and they can build their math confidence in the process.

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Why use Hybrid Math Homework?

Homework using your math workbooks will give you an idea of how kids are doing. But how do you keep track of how kids are retaining new skills? With online math games, you can print reports to see how kids are doing and reinforce existing math skills.

Math Assessments and Hybrid AI Learning Workbooks and Games

Math Assessments and Hybrid AI Learning Workbooks and Games

Try these math worksheets for assessment and online game learning.
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2nd Grade Math Assessments
3rd Grade Math Assessments
4th Grade Math Assessments
5th Grade Math Assessments
6th Grade Math Assessments

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Combine Subjects

Math is everywhere! Use it to your advantage when assigning math homework, especially when you're trying to make homework more interesting for the students in your class who don't like math.

Combine math with other subjects, like science, social studies, or art, whenever you can. For example, students could measure and combine three different liquids, actually doing it and recording their findings in their kitchen at home. Students could use a map to measure the distance between two cities. Making a flag for a made-up country, following the rules of flag making, would be a great way to integrate geometry, social studies concepts, and art.

You can also combine math with other life skills to make both more interesting. For example, you could send kids home with a no-bake cookie recipe to try, as recipes are a great way for kids to practice counting and measuring. Active kids who love PE will love math homework that requires them to play a game!

Teach and Correct

Homework is best when used as a tool for students to review and practice what they have already learned. That can get kind of boring when they are doing it by themselves. Let students see how well they have actually learned the material by teaching an adult!

Many of the methods that students are learning to add, subtract, multiply, and divide are very different than how their parents and grandparents learned. There are a lot of strategies out there that kids have practiced that parents have never seen before, giving kids the perfect opportunity to turn the table and become the teacher at home!

Have students take home a worksheet for a parent, grandparent, or another family member to complete. It's their job to walk the adult through the process and help them learn how to do it.

If you don't think it will work because parental participation isn't high in your classroom, you can have your students correct other students' homework. The trick is to work through the worksheet with the child who will do the correcting first. Then, using what they have learned, they can correct other student work the way the teacher would. This strategy is perfect for students to work in pairs or groups, where some students do the homework and other students correct it, before switching.

Incorporate Manipulatives

Traditional math homework can be a struggle for students because they are required to sit down and work through the problem with a pencil and paper. It's important to be able to do math this way, but it's also important to be able to see math in action.

In the classroom, students get to use manipulatives. Why not create homework that allows them to use manipulatives at home too?

Worksheets can be created that invite students to stack Froot Loops or Cheerios and see how tall they can make their tower before it falls over. Leaves in the fall are a great way to let students practice sorting objects based on color, shape, or size.

You can also let students check out manipulatives from the classroom. Not only does it help them practice math kinesthetically, it also teaches them responsibility. If you're worried that manipulatives won't make their way back to the classroom, start with cheap items, like plastic coins or counting disks, before sending other manipulatives home with your students.

Let Students Pick Their Homework

Students like to feel like they have some control over their learning. The more they feel like a participant instead of a passive recipient of what they're learning, the more engaged they will be.

Homework often feels like something that is thrust upon them that they have to do. Give them some ownership over their homework by letting them pick the homework they do.

That might mean having two worksheets for students to choose from. One might look like a traditional math worksheet, while another one might incorporate a coloring or drawing activity. Just make sure they both practice the same skills.

You might give older students the opportunity to opt out of one homework assignment each month, or you might provide plenty of opportunities for students to get extra credit by doing extra homework pages.

When students feel like they have at least a little bit of control over the homework they are required to do, they will be more likely to get more out of it.

Hybrid Homework

The other ideas on this list are a great way to get kids engaged in their math homework, but they do require a lot of planning and creativity. There's no reason to completely reinvent the wheel if you don't have a lot of time to come up with creative homework assignments.

Traditional math worksheets can still be extremely effective as long as you approach them the right way. One way to make worksheet problems more interesting is to combine them with something students love-online math games.

For example, with half-a-page math review worksheets, the students are prompted to play an online math game at the top of the worksheet, where they list the score they received after playing. The bottom half of the worksheet gives them traditional math problems to solve.

Math Worksheets (top half asks to practice math online) - 9 Different Pages of Math Provided

1st grade printable

2nd grade printable

3rd grade printable

4th grade printable

5th grade printable

6th grade printable

It's kind of like building a brain break into their homework routine. By allowing students to play an online game they are motivated to play, they are more likely to be productive when completing the rest of the worksheet.

Get Creative with Math Homework When It's Convenient for You

Homework doesn't have to be a boring chore all the time! But, if you're feeling overwhelmed at the thought of spending so much time planning out cool homework all week, every week, it's important to know that homework doesn't have to be exciting all the time either.

Keep this list handy and pull it out whenever you feel like your students aren't engaged with their homework, or if you simply want to have a little fun. Both you and your students will be thankful for the break from boring, traditional worksheets!