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You've Got a Friend in Me: Why Teacher Best Friends are the BEST Type of Friends

Teacher Best Friends are the BEST Type of Friends

What has been your saving grace this school year? Perhaps it's baking endless loaves of banana bread during shelter-in-place orders or the perk of teaching in slippers when education shifted to virtual learning only. As helpful and cozy as carbs and fluffy socks can be, during these trying times, you've also hopefully been surrounded by a team of supportive colleagues and administrators. Teachers have worked tirelessly to foster a sense of community for students during distance learning, but it's also crucial that you, as the teacher, feel connected to your work friends. You need a work bestie!

Having a best friend at work, no matter what your profession, has crucial benefits. People who identify a colleague as one of their best friends are 63% more likely to be engaged at work and to have more positive experiences during the day. Teachers with BFF co-workers report being less worried and feeling less tired. Let's be honest-anything with those perks is critical for success in 2020!

It's no secret that under the best of circumstances, teaching can be stressful. It is a high-stakes job, as you have the awesome responsibility of helping mold and shape your students' futures. But this year, more than ever, your noble profession has been extremely taxing. This year you really need a work bestie to lift your spirits and cheer you on. These are the top 5 reasons why your co-worker best friends really are worth their weight in gold!

Teacher Best Friends Share Resources

Teachers are notorious for spending hours scouring the internet for ideas and feverishly creating engaging lesson plans to help inspire students. Teacher best friends don't keep their hard work a secret! Teacher besties share! We compiled a list of some of our favorites that you can share with your teacher BFFs and use tomorrow!


If the virtual classroom is the only one your students will enter this year, then it might as well be a fun one! These creative Bitmoji ideas will help bring your online classroom to life.

Virtual field trips

You may not be able to submit a request for a school bus, but that doesn't mean you can't take your students on a field trip. These virtual field trips don't require permission slips, chaperones, or packed lunches, but they can help your students explore the world around them and bring content to life.

Online math practice

If you're worried that your students are already maxed out on screen time but are still looking for quick, purposeful technologies to increase math fluency, then look no further. The Let's Play School site or app allows students to play grade-level appropriate math games on their own or allows teachers to create classes and track their students' progress. While some sites require long practice sessions, Let's Play has been designed for just five daily minutes of playtime with incredible results.

Printable math workbooks

Time is a luxury most teachers don't have right now. Rather than spending hours scouring the internet for subpar resources or compiling math practice sheets of your own, why not use (and share!) these math practice books? A perfect solution for in-person, hybrid, or distance learning instruction, these books spiral review and present content in creative ways that students will love! Best of all, they are varied and ready for instant download and use.

Great read alouds

As you look for additional resources to share with your students and for ways to interact online, consider that read alouds can still be a phenomenal way to promote literacy. These read alouds for distance learning are a great starting point if you look to encourage and inspire your primary students this year. If you're looking to make your read-aloud time more interactive, these easy-to-implement tips will help.

Teacher Best Friends Offer Words of Encouragement

When days are long and crazy, and they usually are, a teacher BFF can share a few words of encouragement and remind you why you chose this noble profession in the first place. Whether it is sharing an inspiring quote or printing a superhero poster to remind you of your true identity, teacher best friends make work and life better.

Teacher Best Friends Help Us Laugh

Looking to build your immune system or release stress? Laughter may be the best medicine, and laughing with your work bestie may offer a double dose. These teacher jokes are a great place to start spreading cheer.

Teacher Best Friends Are Great Listeners

Few people understand your work life like a teacher best friend. Being familiar with the same colleagues, administration, and students, they know how to listen and support you. Being close with co-workers can help bring a shift in perspectives as well. Since your friends will have relatable experiences with other co-workers, they may be able to offer wisdom and insight in ways that non-work friends can't.

Teacher Best Friends Keep Us Sane

Having a best friend at work often feels like a lifeline. It may feel as though your teacher BFF knows you better than you know yourself at times. In some ways, he or she does! They can relate to your struggles and victories in ways that few others will understand. They have the same paperwork deadlines and feel the same desire to help their students succeed. That sense of camaraderie and community is powerful. Teacher besties can identify and encourage your need for self-care when your teacher tank is running on fumes and even make extra sub plans when a last-minute mental health day is required.

In a year when most in the world of education have felt like lonely ships in the night (and we're not talking about luxurious yachts in the South of France!), having a teacher best friend has been an absolute lifesaver. If you've found yours, send them this article and a virtual hug today!