A Blur on the Ice: Bonnie Blair

A Blur on the Ice

Reading Comprehension for March 18

Ice skating is popular. It is easy for some people. Some people skate on frozen ponds. Some skate at indoor rinks. Some people skate for fun. Some skate as a sport. One girl loved to skate. She was fast. Experts say she had natural talent.

Bonnie Blair was born on March 18, 1964. She was born in New York. Her whole family loved to speed skate. Her brothers and sisters were in a race on the day she was born. Her dad dropped her mom off at the hospital. He went to the race. At the rink, Bonnie's birth was announced. The announcer said, "Another speed skater has been born."

Her family moved to Illinois after she was born. Bonnie is the youngest in her family. There are six children. Bonnie was skating when she was two years old. There were not skates that would fit her. She had to wear skates over her street shoes. Bonnie started competing when she was four years old.

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