A Little Boy's Garden

Farmer's Day

Reading Comprehension for March 8

A long time ago in the spring, a little boy planted a garden. He sowed seeds to grow corn and peas and beans. He marked the seeds with little pictures. Every day he checked his garden to see if something was growing. At first, he found weeds but nothing else. He watered the little garden and pulled the weeds.

Then one day there was a little sprout. The boy watered the little sprout. He talked to the new plant, "Hello, bean plant," he said. "One day you will have long green beans on you." The boy smiled and pulled some weeds near the plant.

Each day he checked his garden. More and more sprouts grew out of the soil. He watered the tiny plants. He pulled the weeds he found. He gave them some special food to help them grow.

As the weeks went on, the plants grew taller. The bean and pea plants began to bend. The boy made stakes. He pushed them in the ground. Then he gently tied the plants to them. The corn was growing tall. He hoped it would reach the sky.

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