Bubble Artist Keith Johnson


Reading Comprehension for March 23

Almost everyone enjoys playing with fat, floating bubbles. The iridescent spheres seem magical as they drift off into a blue summer sky. Bubble artist Keith Johnson takes simple bubbles to new heights with his eye-popping bubble shows. Keith calls himself a "bubble geek." He has been a professional bubble artist since 2000.

Before learning about Keith's amazing accomplishments, it might be helpful to define what a bubble is. One dictionary defines a bubble as "a thin, usually spherical or hemispherical film of liquid filled with air or gas." This technical definition does not begin to describe the thrill of watching many bubbles float off on a summer breeze while your dog snaps at them in delight.

Keith has been doing "movement theater" since 1986. He works in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. Keith has performed in libraries, schools, festivals, and museums. Keith's fantastic bubble shows combine science and art in an educational way. He does many assemblies in elementary schools. He loves his job. He has received wide recognition for his work. Keith even got government funding for his art programs. Uncle Sam must like bubbles, too.

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