Don't Do It

Don't Do It

Reading Comprehension for March 12

Every Saturday morning my dad buys gas for the car. I go with him. He always says that the price of gas is going up. Today, he noticed something. Our regular gas station's price for gas was higher than at other stations. My dad was not happy. He said that he was going to boycott the station. He said he was not going to buy gas there anymore. I wondered about the word "boycott." This is what I learned.

On March 12, 1832, Charles Boycott was born. He lived in Ireland. Ireland is a country in Europe. He was a land agent. He collected rent money for the land owner. The land owner lived in England. People lived on the land. They had to pay Mr. Boycott money to use the land. They wanted Charles to lower their rent. He would not. He kicked the people off of the land.

People were angry with Charles. People in the town did not want anything to do with him. They thought he was mean. People stopped working for him. They stopped working in the fields. They stopped working in the stables and the house. Other businessmen stopped doing business with him. The postman would not deliver his mail.

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