Ginger's Visit to the Vet

National Animal Poison Prevention Week

Reading Comprehension for March 18

"Ginger is a very healthy dog," Dr. Adams said. "You take very good care of her."

"Thank you, Dr. Adams," Juana said. "She is a good dog. She is my friend."

"What are you and Ginger going to do this summer?" Dr. Adams asked. It was almost time for school to be out.

"We are going to go on hikes. We are going to swim in the river. We are going to have fun!" Juana was very excited about her plans.

"Well, you be very careful," Dr. Adams said.

"Oh, we will. And I am going to plant some flowers, too. I am going to plant some daffodils. My mother is going to plant roses!"

Dr. Adams smiled.

"It sounds very pretty," he said. "Just be careful. Don't let Ginger eat any of your daffodils."

"Oh, Dr. Adams," Juana said. "You are funny. Ginger doesn't eat flowers!"

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