Go Ride a Kite

I love kites. I love to go to the park and fly one. Kites are so pretty!

Tomorrow is Saturday. Dad and I will finally have time to fly our new kite. It is red, white, and blue. It has stars and stripes like a flag. It took a couple of weeks to build. We had fun doing it. I hope it will fly!

Dad attached a long tail to the kite. It will look like it has blue streamers. We also have a large spool of twine. We hope the wind will take our kite very high. I hope tomorrow gets here soon! For now, it is time to go to sleep. Mom tucks me into bed and pulls my pink and purple sheets up to my chin.

(The narrator has a dream.)

"I've never ridden on a kite before," I said to my friend Jeremy. I was sitting on my red, white, and blue kite with my legs dangling from either side. I was flying through the air high in the sky. I felt so free!

"I never have, either!" said Jeremy.

I looked down to see how I was staying on the kite. My feet were in stirrups, as if I was riding a horse. A long string was attached to my right foot. It went way down to the ground. I think it was attached to my dad, but I am not certain.

I glided along, riding on the wind. The blue streamers flew out behind me like a massive horse's tail. The kite swooped up and down, moving like a horse jumping over invisible fences. Jeremy was nearby on a brown and black kite. He dove down low like a hawk going after prey and then buzzed back up high. We were both laughing and screaming, having a completely awesome time.

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