Helen's Teacher

Helen's Teacher

Reading Comprehension for April 14

What makes a teacher special? She may be funny. She may be smart. She may do fun activities. She may care about her students. She may show interest in what her students say. She may want her students to be the best people they can be. Anne Sullivan was a special teacher.

On April 14, 1866, Anne Sullivan was born. She was born in Massachusetts. Her parents were from Ireland. They were farmers. They did not have much money. Anne was sick when she was five years old. She lost her sight. Anne's mother died when she was eight. Her father could not take care of her or her brother. He took them to an orphanage. An orphanage is a place for children to live who do not have parents or homes. They did not see their father again. Anne's brother died a few years later.

Anne was alone. She wanted to go to school. Anne begged everyone to let her go to school. Finally, she was allowed to go. She went to the Perkins School for the Blind. She quickly learned to read. She learned to write. Anne learned to speak using her hands. It was called sign language.

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