It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's a Cookie?

Look Up at the Sky Day

Reading Comprehension for April 12

"Look! There's a rabbit!" Melody said to Jessica.

"Where?" Jessica asked.

"Up there, in the sky," Melody said.

Melody and Jessica lay on the cool grass. It was just before Easter. Spring had arrived. Birds were singing. The flowers were blooming around them, and the grass tickled their bare feet. However, they were paying more attention to the sky. They were looking at clouds and pretending they were pictures.

"That one over there looks like Marvin," Jessica giggled. Marvin was a neighbor. Jessica kind of liked him--at least Melody thought so. Jessica sure talked about Marvin a lot.

"There's one that looks like a horse," Melody said. She didn't want to hear any more about Marvin. She preferred animals to boys right now.

"It's fun to look up into the sky," said Jessica. "There's always something different to see. At night there are all the stars. I like the constellations."

"What's a constellation?" Melody asked.

"It's when a group of starts form a shape that can be viewed like a picture. There's one called 'the Big Dipper.' It forms the shape of a soup ladle."

"Cool," Melody replied.

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