Jo and the Yo-Yo

Jo really loves her yo-yo. It is really quite beautiful. It is red with silver spider webs on it. She has learned to do many tricks. Now she cannot use her yo-yo for two weeks. Why?

Well, I will let Jo tell you that. "Jo, why can't you use your yo-yo for two weeks?"

"My father told me not to use my yo-yo in the house. I did not think he had any good reason for that. Besides, my favorite program was on television. I wanted to see the program, AND I wanted to use my yo-yo. So I just took my yo-yo in the living room. I yo-yoed while I watched the show."

"Oh, so you took the yo-yo in the living room. That's why your father will not let you use it for two weeks."

"Sort of, but that is not all."

"What else happened?"

"The program was really interesting. It was about whales. I was watching them. I forgot that I was yo-yoing, too. I did not catch it when it came back up. It just kept going up and up."

"Ah, I understand. You were careless. That is why you can't use it for two weeks."

"That is part of it, but not all. It flew up so hard that the string broke. It kept going up until it hit the chandelier. It broke one of the light bulbs."

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