Merry Medicine

Let's Laugh Day

Reading Comprehension for March 19

Nathaniel was sick. He was home from school with a virus. His head hurt, his stomach was sour, and he was achy all over.

Nathaniel's mom had him camp out on the couch in the living room. She arranged his favorite blanket and pillow and brought him water throughout the day. Nathaniel dozed on and off, but when he was awake, he enjoyed some television.

"How about watching Tiger Town?" Mom asked.

Tiger Town was a sitcom about a family of tigers who lived in a neighborhood. They had their own house complete with a pool, an SUV, and a pet dog! The stories were about silly happenings in their neighborhood. Seeing tigers talk and interact with the neighbors made for funny TV!

"How can I watch it, Mom? It's not on until 8:00 tonight."

Mom smiled. "I have a surprise for you. I bought the first season of Tiger Town on DVD. Would you like me to put it in?"

Nathaniel laughed. "Of course! Thanks, Mom!"

Mom put the first DVD into the player and brought out some juice and cookies. She sat down with Nathaniel and put her feet up. Together, they enjoyed three episodes before Mom had to get back to work around the house.

The first show was about the tiger children's first day of school. They had to get used to wearing clothes. They had to try not to scare the other children. Nathaniel and his mom laughed and laughed as the tiger children accidentally scared the teachers and could not fit into their school chairs.

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