Release from the Library

Library Book Day

Reading Comprehension for April 4

"I certainly have been sitting on this shelf for a long time," yawned Betty Book. "I wish I could move around a little."

Betty Book lived at the Smallville County Library. She used to live in an old home in town with Mrs. Norton. Mrs. Norton was very old - not as old as the house, but close! When Mrs. Norton passed away, her family packed up all her books and donated them to the library.

Betty remembered the ride long ago, stuffed into a box with Eddie Encyclopedia and Darlene Dictionary. The box was dropped with a thud into the office of the library. It seemed like months before anyone opened the box. It actually was months!

Finally, Betty, Eddie, and Darlene were dusted off and placed on shelves. Eddie and Darlene were close to each other in the reference section. Betty was in a fiction section across the room. But Betty didn't mind. It felt good to stand up straight now and meet some new folks. However, she hadn't expected to spend quite so much time with them. Betty liked the books around her, but she was getting bored, too. Most of them had been on the same shelf for a long time. Each time a patron (a regular customer of the library) would come by, Betty would stand a little straighter. She tried to get their attention so perhaps she could be checked out. But alas, most just passed her by.

Maybe today would be different. "Here comes someone now," Betty thought. She wished she had remembered to comb her pages.

A woman slowly walked over to the shelf. She touched each book gently with her long, slender fingers. She had a lovely diamond ring on one finger. She tapped Betty's binding and carefully pulled Betty off the shelf.

"This story looks interesting," the woman said.

Betty held her breath.

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