Ten Ways to Help the Earth

There are many ways to help take care of the Earth. After all, it is the only home we've got! How many of these things can you do on Earth Day? How many of them can you do every day?

1. Don't litter. Please put trash in trash cans - always.

2. Recycle. Find out what all can be recycled in your home and in your school. Collect recyclables from your neighbors who can't do their own recycling. Newspapers, cans, and many plastic containers can be made into new things!

3. Clean up a park, river, or lake near you. Nobody wants to go to a beautiful place and see other people's trash. You can be part of the solution.

4. Donate things to keep them from going into the trash. If you have clothes, shoes, or toys you've outgrown, donate them to a local charity. Others can use what you no longer want.

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